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all three

Dorian, under the white lilac

My cat, Dorian, was once written up in the San Francisco Chronicle for perfecting a new cat art she called "Bammo," which combined the arts of ballet and Sumo. When she exceeded the waist size of Dolly Parton (without the boobs), she decided to call it a day with the arts and began her quest for opposable thumbs. Sadly, that didn't pan out either.

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I think somethings wrong with the link! I can't see it. Did you know you can right click on a picture to copy it and then insert it by right clicking in the post?

I can't right-click, I use a Mac. It shows up for me, and i loaded it according to LJ's instruction. Grr. She's a beautiful all gray cat with the greenest eyes I've ever seen. Sadly, she is no longer with us. She died at 17.

(Not stalking you; I followed aviv_b over to see Dorian.)

Do you have your security level -- for whatever you've uploaded your photo to -- set to "private"? (Scrapbook, or photobucket, or whatever.) I did that the first time I posted a photo, and only I could see it, so I had to reset to "public" and then it worked. Can you see the photo if you're logged out? I hope this is helpful.

Regardless, I'll share:

My default icon is of Rose, who passed away two years ago at the age of fourteen.

Missy is my fifteen-year-old baby girl. Photo here: http://rose-cat.livejournal.com/47579.html#cutid1

I don't feel stalked. Everyone admires Dorian. Thanks very much for your advice. I did finally figure out the public/private thing. Rose and Missy are both lovely. Mercer, 12, is my boy at the moment, he's the one at the right in the icon. He is the most beautiful cat that ever existed. He's black, of course, and silky, with medium length hair. I hope he lives to be at least 22, as one of our earlier boys did. Tanner was blind, but could still get around at 22. We had a 21st birthday party for him and had a sign saying "Don't tread on the birthday boy."

Rose and Missy are both lovely.

Missy thanks you and so do I :)

I really like your icon. ("Bird? Where?!") Black cats are awesome. I've met a lot of cats, and it seems like the black ones are often the sweetest. When I worked at animal shelters, though, black cats -- even kittens -- tended to take longer to be adopted than others. Some people just don't realize what they're missing.

(My husband likes to say, "Beauty is only fur-deep." :D )

...had a sign saying "Don't tread on the birthday boy."


Oh, and I still couldn't see the picture when I logged back in. Oddly, the frame showed up and then disappeared before the photo could load properly. So I logged out of Firefox and came back with Safari. Now I can see it fine. (Huh, never had that problem before with posted photos.) But Dorian's very lovely. Did you take the pic?

The photo of Dorian was taken in front of our house in California. Behind the bushes there was a regular suburban street, but she hung out there because there was almost always shade. The black cats used to hang out on the brick steps opposite, where there was always sun.

I have problems with Firefox too, and Safari never gives me any problems. Firefox also takes for-frakkin'-ever to load. I just got higher speed internet, and Safari opens in a flash.

We used to say that "all cats are alike under their fur" because even the black cats are kinda bluish, but still mostly white under their fur.

All of our cats, except for Deacon, came from shelters, and you're right, they were often the last ones there. We only took Dorian too (being a "not black" cat) because she and her sister (who was black) were alone in their cage, and leaning up against each other, both of them could fit in the palm of a hand, and how could we take her sister away from her?

I've been very happy with my guys, their personalities are very different, and their faces have all been distinctive. Rose looks like a rag doll, with her little round face, and those big eyes. Thanks for taking the time to talk cat with me!

Were you able to see Dorian? I still couldn't, but when I logged in with Safari instead of Firefox, I was able to. No idea why.

Not here, but I was able to see him at the url you sent me.

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