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gwen, hair flying

Belle de Jour

Holy smoke! I'm just surfing here tonight and came across this program.

"Secret Diary of a Call Girl"

Hannah Baxter (Billie Piper) is a university graduate living in London and – unbeknownst to her family – is also the high class call girl known as "Belle". Hannah is well educated, very eloquent and intelligent. She has expensive tastes and is at times slightly snobbish. She loves her job as a call girl as she is being paid handsomely to do something she does very well. She comes from an average middle-class family who live outside of London; she's close to her father but remains somewhat distant from her older sister who is married with an infant son. Hannah reveals she has tried several professions but struggles to keep down a steady job (as revealed in series two). Hannah is an expert at leading a double life, and is a meticulous planner – her specialty is role-playing fantasies. Hannah is a self-employed call girl. The series focuses on her professional and private life and its complications as they collide.

Oh, Rose! Is this what happens when you no longer travel with the Doctor?

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Old news.
There is a wonderful story on Touchyerwood when Jack goes to see Belle. Very well done.

That took a bit of a search

Thanks! it was news to me, and I was so surprised! Thanks for searching that out, made my morning a lot more fun!

I used to loooove that show. The seasons on it are so sporadic though. I think they're airing (or aired?) the last season. It's pretty good.

I think this is the second season, she's still dating her publisher. She's so, so, so, "Rose-cute"

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