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hair 12

Miracle Day (again) no spoilers this time

I watched the last episode again Tuesday night. i noticed only one small cut from the UK feed, but that's not important here. What I wanted to say was that it held together much better, had all the requisite TW goodies, including the longing glances and touches between Jack and Gwen (my personal favorites). So watch on, if you're only part way. It is, after all, Torchwood in one sense. And, no spoiler, Jack is gorgeous in the last episode. His makeup people must have worked overtime.

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And, no spoiler, Jack is gorgeous in the last episode.

Good to know. Thanks
I quite liked ep3 this week.

Interestingly I had a girlfriend round tonight who had avidly watched series one with me but no more. She didn't even know about the new TW. I said, here watch this and played ep 3 cause it was on my recording thingy, right there.
You know what. You don't need eps 1&2 at all. It all works fine without it.

I would have to agree with you. I think there's a lot of extraneous matter in the whole series. Somebody at Combom has suggested a tightened up version. I wonder what will come of that?

I'd say they have to work overtime to make John look non-gorgeous.

Yeah, that crossed my mind, too, but he has looked gaunt through so much of MD. He's blazing glory in ep. 10

Agreed! When he smiled at the memory of all his lives, it was like getting that first smile from The Empty Child and falling in love all over again.

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