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teary eyes

Episode 10

I wanted to like this. I really did. I tried. The holes you could drive a truck through. The stupid plotting. The draggy draggy movement.

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I know you're peed off, but could you put it under a cut. We haven't all seen it yet.
I knew this would happen. Should have stayed off the internets.

I didn't mean to screw it up for anyone. I always assume I'm one of the last to see it. And I'm not so much pissed off as I am disappointed but other people have had more reasonable responses to the last episode than mine.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Re: I am very sorry

Thanks for the link but I'll hold off. We're up to ep 2 here in NZ and I'm happy to watch it as it airs.
I wish i was able to join in the discussions as they happen, but at least this time I'm not that far behind. We didnt get CoE for nearly a year after it aired in the UK. I was WELL spoilered for that one. Couldn't help it lol
Didn't mean to sound shirty, just... I knew it would happen and your post was the first on my friends' list when I opened LJ.

Not every TW fan feels betrayed by the series. I don't personally. I rather enjoyed the whole thing. I got my Jack/Gwen moments that I've waited three series for and I got some laughs out of it.

I came out the other side of it what I wanted to be - entertained.

I guess I'm going to be in a minority in actually having liked it, but c'est la vie. I'm used to having an unpopular opinion in this fandom.

I don't know what I wanted it to be. There were those jack/Gwen moments, and there was some funny stuff, but some of the outcomes were so deus ex machina that I think that when they put them in, they hadn't given and thought about how to resolve them.

You are not the only person who saw the series in a more positive light than I. And I may just have to see it again, and there's someone on Combom who's considering doing a cut-to-five-episodes version, so there may be several versions floating around eventually.

It's all in the eye of the beholder, yeah?

Perhaps if I see it again, it will hold together better for me.

But wasn't Jack magnificent in the final episode? And pretty, too!

OH HONEY! *HUGS* To me this is just so much better than what could have happened if RTD hadn't stuck by his guns and fended off
the Coffee-baggers. It's been such a joy compared to those fears. So, yeah, I'm in a very different place to you on this.

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